Dreamcast for Waitress in the West End

So i’ve been compiling my list of “dream cast” for Waitress for some time now. Since well before it was announced or i’d even seen the show in person. Well I have finally seen it in all it’s glory on Broadway not once but twice, a few weeks ago. So bearing that in mind i’ve rearranged my list and added a few extra people into the mix. Whilst i’m certain they’ve already cast the show, or at least Jenna. Can’t hurt to put this list out there as there’s always cast changes here & on Broadway. So I have every hope that at least half of these ladies should be given the chance at some stage. Though I do fear they may be looking for something very specific in their Jenna’s. A certain type/style of voice, which maybe doesn’t come so naturally in musical theatre, but you know these ladies are all top of their craft and I have every faith that if they were given the chance they’d rise to any challenge set before them, to get this role.

So here’s my list of a few of my favourites to play Jenna one day. I’ve kept the reasons super simple and brief, because I do tend to waffle on. Also you’re welcome for all the Jenna’s in costume. Only took all day to do that. If anyone doesn’t look quite right, I do apologize, one can only stare at that blue uniform for so long. Also NB: Don’t be mad I added 2 broadway performers, because well they rock and Megan performed here recently & Shoshana is always here, so why the heck not? There is also a few other performers I think would be fantastic for the role, but the list was just getting way too long already so had to be brutal.

Speaking of brutal, if you find it hard to take on other peoples opinions, or only came here to bash my choices, please stop here. This is supposed to be a fun positive post, to share my thoughts and show a few performers I think they’d be great. Not to start anything. Happy to hear your thoughts on who you’d love to see, just not at the expense of others. There is always a polite way to share positivity.

Who could play Jenna in my personal opinion:

Screen Shot 2018-08-29 at 10.40.57 PMScreen Shot 2018-08-29 at 10.41.37 PM


So I also have a few idea’s for the other parts, I don’t have the energy to put them all in costumes too unfortunately, as much as I really was tempted.

Becky: Sandra Marvin, Sharon D Clarke, Marisha Wallace, Brenda Edwards, Chloe Hart & Gillian Hardie. Also if they just got Keala Settle to come and open it here that would be EPIC. Would also help with bringing in the crowds.

Dawn: Julie Atherton, Lizzy Connelly, Sophie Issacs, Lauren Samuels, Louise Dearman, Katie Rowley Jones, Maria Coyne, Rachael Wooding and Laura Baldwin.

* Yes there is a few of those ladies who I also have for Jenna, but they are just so versatile, I could quite easily see them in either role.

Dr Pomatter: Ian McIntosh, Richard Fleeshman, Oliver Saville, Dominic Marsh, Killian Donnelly, Jon Robyns, Michael Xavier, Jason Winter, Jeremy Taylor, Rob Houchen, Andy Coxon, Paul Ayres and George Maguire.

Karl: Simon Lipkin … i’m stuggling on this one if i’m honest, who do you all think?

Ogie: Simon Lipkin, Ben Stott, Thomas Sutcliffe, David Ribi and Dan Buckley.

So those are my thoughts so far, there is a million other incredible people out there perfect for the roles, these are just my initial thoughts and hopes. Hoping I haven’t left anyone off my list that I really wanted on there, i’m sure I have. There’s too much talent.

I am super excited to see who they do cast, with a show like this I know it’s going to be brilliant.


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